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Practice for Natural Health


The body has taken a long time to become unwell, and reversing that process will take some time too. The duration of re-establishing balance to the energetic pathways will depend on your constitution, your age, how close together your therapy sessions occur, what other strategies you use to support yourself (e.g. diet and exercise) and what other stressors may be affecting your body (e.g. work stress).

If we see the many layers of illness as being like the layers of an onion, each one has to be peeled away to expose and clear the previous layer or underlying cause. And if there are many aspects to each layer – such as multiple infections or many intolerances – they will each need therapy. And with core food intolerances (commonly to gluten or to milk proteins) the body may require more support than acquired intolerances.

However, as the body begins to right itself, it will spontaneously repair some aspects. And the reverse is also true: setbacks in the form of new infections or stressors can mean that your practitioner will have to focus on acute issues, leaving aside therapies of the chronic problems for the time being. Of course, this will prolong your therapy course.In my experience, if a condition involves malfunction of the brain, therapy can be protracted. A field known as homotoxicology believes that the body stores toxins in the least important organs or systems first. Our assumption is that the least safe place for storage would be the brain. Therefore, once the brain is affected, the whole system is unwell – and that will take time to heal.

The same is true of skin conditions because these are an external manifestation of a multi-faceted internal condition, often involving digestion. The skin and the brain are formed in utero from the same embryonic tissue, in which case anything affecting the skin can also be affecting the nervous system which, as already mentioned, can be a complex syndrome.

During the therapy of chronic conditions, improvement can occur unevenly, with periods of vast improvement sometimes followed by slower gains. This is partly because different levels of damage to the various organ systems will take differing recovery times.

Is it possible to get only a test?

The Asyra Pro treats as soon as the test starts. So it gives directly to your body the frequencies it needs to find your balance back. Therefore it is not possible to perform only a test.

Does the Asyra Pro work for every condition?

Bio-energetic frequencies nurture the body so that its resources are strengthened to effect its own cure. Energetic medicine does not treat diseases: it treats the body .

The Asyra Pro works on the dual systems of information (biophysics) and energy fields. These systems act on chemicals in the body but, well before the individual develops a chemical disturbance, energetic imbalances can cause the body to struggle to maintain good health.

Through this therapy all of the organs and systems of the body can benefit. This includes metabolism, the digestive, immune, skin, endocrine (hormonal), nervous, respiratory, musculoskeletal, circulatory and urological systems. While assisting the function of any cells or tissues involved in any of these systems, it cannot of course resurrect tissue that has died. This means, for example, that once the islet cells of the pancreas have died, the resulting diabetes cannot be reversed.

With any condition, it is not possible to know ahead of time how many of the symptoms are due to malfunction and how many to damage. Therefore, no one can know in advance how much improvement is possible.

Do I get medication to use at home?

 During each session a unique Bio-energetic remedy is imprinted for you to take home.  The energetic signature  of all the substances tested in a session which were found to balance your body are recorded into a group.  The electrical frequencies of each item is then strung together in a long string of information and transmitted into a bottle.

The remedies are taken under the tongue two times a day – the number of drops are specific to you and will be written on the bottle.

 Bio-energetic remedies are non-invasive, non-chemical, non-toxic and not associated with negative side effects. When you take the remedy it will enter your energetic nervous system, spread throughout your body and influence your cells to create greater balance and health.