Balance 4 life

Practice for Natural Health

Fees and Payment


Body / Emotion Code: 

The first time a minimum of 3 sessions is often necessary: € 291,- (payment in advance)

Follow up € 97,- hourly (payment in advance)

                                         Special Programs:

                                                      Resonating Relationships:  5 sessions € 475,-  (both partners)

                                                                                                       3 sessions € 285,-  (single person)

                                                                                                          (payment in advance)

                                                                                Abundance:  3 sessions  € 285,-

                                                                                                                                       (payment in advance)

Please pay in advance:

- I can sent you an invoice and you pay yourself by bank transfer -> BOI

- I can sent you an email with an activation link to pay.

Unless cancelled 48 hours prior to appointment the regulair fees are due